blue_network1Complete IT Support Services. With 15 years in the IT industry, we are able to provide your small to medium business with complete IT support for server and network, desktop/laptop and VoIP.  Using Teamviewer we can remotely support your staff from anywhere.



blue_network1Network Infrastructure Design. Do you need a link between two offices or perhaps you need more capacity than you have currently. Sprywest can provide a complete network solution for your business. Perhaps you want to free yourself from the office and get you and your employees moving towards teleworking from anywhere?




blue_network1Monitoring. Has your business network grown to a point where you need to know that it’s performing at it’s best? We can help you monitor your network and internet bandwidth, server performance and capacity both on your network locally so you can see at a glance what is happening.



blue_network1Auditing. Are you unsure if you small business is correctly licensed? Using Autoreg you can audit your business PCs to see what hardware specifications they have, what software is installed, and what settings have been applied to them. We can do a complete security audit of your internet connection, wireless network and server infrastructure.



blue_network1Business Analysis. Do you have a business process or other repetitive information based task that is taking up too much of your time? We can provide an analysis of your work flow and provide a solution from something as simple as custom Excel macros right through to web applications and custom development. If we do not have the skills in house, we have contacts in the industry built up over the years.



blue_network1Web. Does your current website need a refresh but don’t want to spend big dollars on graphic designers? WordPress is the leading free open source Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow you to edit your website from anywhere. There are thousands of very high quality free themes, and we can help you pick one and customize it with social networking plug-ins to suit your needs.  Integration and easy to understand training with Facebook, Mailchimp and other free tools is part of our service.  We have the skills to write custom plugins and other integration between WordPress and other systems.  We also offer affordable managed web hosting services to save you the hassle.



blue_network1Cloud Computing. Want to know what all the latest is on cloud computing and how it can help your business?  We can explain what it’s all about and how you can save time and money by integrating cloud computing into your business.